Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking, Brazil

Advertising Agency: NEOGAMA/BBH, Brazil
Creation: Alexandre Gama
RTVC: Maxie Fox, Fernanda Crespo, Tico Cruz, Marcos Camurati
Production house: Gorgeous & Zohar Cinema
Director: Peter Thwaites
Producers: Isabelle Tanugi, Anna Hashmi
Photography: Joost van Gelder
Editing: Bill Smedley / Work Post Production
VFX: Angus Kneale, Robert Petrie, Gavin James Wellsman, Camila de Biaggi / The Mill
Sound Production: Big Foote Brazil
Planning: Eduardo Lorenzi, Luciano Eugenio, Emanuel Spyer
Media: Luciana Schwartz, Gabriela Azevedo, João Paulo Ferraz
Account Management: Silvia Tommasini, Oleg Loretto, Guilherme Fracaro
Approval: Tânia César, Leandro Medeiros, Gustavo Hila
Brazilian Adaptation: Full Frame

October 2011


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Great idea and special effects.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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wicked fx!

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good job...

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besides of a really nice ad, why are they smiling instead of screaming?

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Ha! I was thinking the same thing.

"Why the hell aren't these people freaking out and running for their lives?!??!?"


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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awesome :)

Faysal Nasir
Art Director

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Nike Diesel
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Pretty impressive.

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Amazing !!!

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Very impressive but I miss the link.


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I absolutely adore big ads but I fail to see the concept here. Is Johnnie endorsing somehow Brazil as a country? This is at least bizarre. Who is the giant who's been asleep? Our good friends from Brazil could enlighten us.

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i think it's clear – Brazil is the sleeping giant referred to.

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I know. But I meant the link between Brazil/giant and Johnnie Walker. I mean everybody could say the same thing. Isn't it so? But may be I'm missing something.


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The film concerns a part of the brazilian national anthem that goes like this: "Giant by nature. You're beautiful, you are strong, brave colossus. And your future mirrors this grandeur." and we can also say it's about the moment that Brazil is going on: the economy is growing, it is a democratic and peaceful country, and besides all that still will host the next World Cup and the Olympics in 2016.

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Thank you Delba for letting us know the significance. The ad makes much more sense in this context.

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I liked the FX...

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Thomas Ferdinand
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Geat production. cool

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Where's he going? Scotland? And where is he going to find a bottle of Scotch big enough? And is he going to use icebergs for ice? I need answers.

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The giant walks the earth.

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great production for what? another walker?

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What's the victims number?

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good inspiration by shadow of colosus video game

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The effects were great. It is an interesting and captivating ad. As far as the complaint that Johnny Walker has no connection to the ad, a lot of ads do this. Sometimes is works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the ads just make you shake your head and ask "what was this advertising?" because they leave you with no clue. In this case, given that the giant has just gotten up and walked away there is more connection than most. Johnny Walker is a giant among liquors. Maybe after seeing their mountain get up and walk way all of the people are going to go out and get drunk. ;) I do have one criticism though, if the advertisors didn't want the people screaming and running away in fear (which I admit would totally change the tone of the ad) why didn't they look more in awe? That would have made the ad more impressive. They should have been like "WOW". Stunned. Awed. Even shocked. More like their God or their mythology just came to life type of reaction. The reaction shots left something to be desired. But man, what about the ecological damage? Just kidding, but if was me I'd miss having that mountain in my backyard.

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Did anyone else notice that cable car going from the giant's shoulder to his knee? It just dawned on me that this is what he had in his hand that he set on the ground. Good attention to detail.

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