Johnnie Walker: Bruce Lee, Hail to the Game Changers

Advertising Agency: BBH, China
Commissioner / Producer: Krystie Koh
Executive Creative Director: Johnny Tan
Creative Director: Leo Zhang
Creatives: Jeffrey Sun, Jay Qian, Nicola Chung, Woody Pan, Leo Zhang, Johnny Tan
Account Director: Finnian O'Neill
Planner: Charles Wigley
Production Company: HSI Productions, Gravity Films Singapore
Record Company: Brain & Melissa Los Angeles
Director: Joseph Kahn
Exec Producer: Merrillyn Lim
Producer: Terri Goh
Director of Photography: Christopher Probst
Lighting: Chow Lam
Editing Company: Attic Shanghai
Editor: Terence Manuel
Edit Assist: Zhou Chye Yee
VFX Company: The Mill
Exec Producer: Rahel Makonnen
Producer: Sarah Cloutier
Shoot Supervisors: Andy Dill, Sam Driscoll
2D Lead Artists: Andy Dill
3D Lead Artists: Sam Driscoll, Francois Roisin
Lead Modeller: Dan Moore
Lead Animator: Carlos Fraiha
2D Artists: Siro Valente, Gary Driver, John Price, Neil Davies, Gareth Brannan
3D Artists: Andreas Greichen, Alex Hammond, Allyn Lawson, Arthur Larsen, Fabrice Le Nezet, Jake Flint, James Mulholland, Jessica Soderstrom, Joakim Riedinger, Jorge Montiel, Max Puentes Rivera, Michael Balthazart, Natalie Rocks, Peter Agg, Sauce Vilas, Sergio Xisto, Thibault Stoyanov, Tom Bolt, Henry South, Alex Huguet
Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee, Can Y. Sanalan
Colourist: James Bamford

July 2013


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Relevant article:

"It's a tribute, not an ad, says Bruce Lee's daughter"

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Has visual meme power, but the copy is an Ode to Platitudes.

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I think the 3D work wasn't great.

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I hate it. You go to all that effort to recreate one of the greatest martial artists of all time and this is what you get.
I'm not one to hate on things but this really disappoints me.
I also don't buy the whole 'tirbute' ad. That's something the agency sold to the family.

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Captain Mazda
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Not just a martial artist, but a great human being. This ad is an insult to his legacy and everything he believed in.

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You could resurrect Bruce Lee for a better reason.

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Weak all the way around. Bruce would not approve.

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what does bruce lee got to do with water......still thinking may be i'm wrong

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Captain Mazda
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You are wrong because the lines are from his own spoken philosophy.

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