JC Penney: Lunchroom Runway

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA
Creative Director: Amie Valentine
Art Director: Chris Shipman
Agency Producer: Dean Shoukas
Music Producers: Ryan Fitch, Eric Korte
Production Company: Serial Pictures/Anonymous Content, Los Angeles
Director: Johan Renck
Music/Sound Design: Expansion Team, New York
Creative Director/Remix: Alex Moulton
Executive Producer: April Jaffe
Producer: Jean Kouremetis
Original Song: “Too Fake” Hockey (Capitol/EMI)
Editorial/Post: Cut + Run, New York
Editor: Tina Mintus
Assistant Editor: Adam Bazadona
Producer: Nicole Salm
Online Editorial: New York
Online Editor: Tom McCullough
Telecine: Company 3, New York
Colorist: Tom Poole
Audio Post: Sound Lounge, New York
Engineer: Tom Jucarone


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Fun and real. Hard to believe THAT's Pennys.

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xxx Adams xx
32 pencils


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i saw this on tv, i like this. really sells.


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cool ad.

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Nice, really fits for JC penney and is good to see.

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slightly fun. doesn't really fit jcp at all. im happy jcp is trying to up it's image a bit. but when kids think fashion they don't think jcp. will this spot change that? there is a slim chance but i doubt it.

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wrong (value) models for kids

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Please don't kill me because I don't remember the titles of the spots, but their previous spots like "Magician" and "Aviator" were FAR more superior to this piece. They were very imaginative, emotional and conceptual.

And I do agree (to some extent) with the above commentor who said this spot displays "wrong values" for the audience (although it's targeted towards adult parents.) The message does feel somewhat irresponsible especially coming from a big-name brand like JCP.

It's neither entertaining nor memorable.

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i love it, if i was in school now the day after i saw this ad I would do this at school - and i would remember jc penny

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yep, and that's exactly my point!

I rest my case.

I really hope Penney won't have to pull this spot off the air...

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Seriously? If we start thinking this is too risque, I fear for the future of advertising. This spot was fun and gives me new perspective on JCP. I'd consider going "back to school shopping" here after seeing this ad.

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hey man thats really kewl, i luved it. THUMBS UP

wt da?

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