jbs mens underwear: No naked man

Advertising Agency: &Co, Denmark

Here are the press advertisements as well.

Campaign 1: JBS Mens Underwear Rugby, JBS Mens Underwear Shave, JBS Mens Underwear Sofa.

Campaign 2: JBS Mens Underwear Nurse, JBS Mens Underwear Maid, JBS Mens Underwear Nun, JBS Mens Underwear Secretary.

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"men don't want to look at naked men" is a bad closing
not sure if men really want to look at a girl farting and doing these things
the basic idea is good and this would definitely work to get attention.
maybe it's slightly overdone...

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So do you think men want to look at naked men?

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Yeah, I agree it looks overdone.

But the idea to mix cereals with beer is great.

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Yikes, thought the print ads were hot stuff, but the farting? Ewwwww.

Fail Harder.

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You have been turned on to the idea that girls do fart, right?

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They probably over did it with the "manliness" and the closing is a bit off.....but I the girl "really" makes up for the downsides.

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This is the best mens underwear campaign I see.

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I second that!

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As a man, I can relate to the ad, and they are 100% right. Men do not want to look at other men in undies (for the most part). Chill Crump, it's just advertising. We live to do this shit, and it rocks.

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I can relate to this ad, and I'm a woman. I think you nailed it.

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"We live to do this shit, and it rocks."

Speak for yourself buddy. I think this campaign is terrible.


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Why do you think this campaign is so terrible?

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It rocks, it´s a "manly" campaign for a manly brand. Then again it´s advertising, not world politics so it´s ok to stereotype to make a point.

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i will never buy this underwear

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Your loss.

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Depart from the details, the idea was great. Well spotted. But I think while these guys are positioning their products in a classy manner with their photo ads, this ad is somehow strange and it makes me think it stems from a totally different attitude.

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the big idea

if she going fart at the end act like the stereotype needs a guy sitting on soft or girl smell the fart lol

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The farting wasn't neccesary

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Don't be such a hag crump, men are supposed to be disgusting (I think it comes with the genes) and if you were a starving student (like most great men), you definitly lived a couplle of these scenes. Not every ad has to be sophisticated or up-tight, I laughed my ass off as most of my peers surrounding my office (men, fags and women), and yes... we live to do this shit, even if it includes a stereotype ro two, their funny (look at Hollywood or adultswim). So grow a pair and leave the manicures for a week or so.

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lol, shes a tad manly for me. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on her and the underwear

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Great ad! Where can I buy JBS in Canada? Shortlink to the ad from Type the keyword link: frap2

Would have been funny to see another girl in the ad at the end with the line "pull my finger"

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I absolutely love your idea! That would have been pretty awesome to see another girl saying that! I'm doing a presentation in my english class tomorrow on this ad and I hope everyone is as open minded!

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People who say "I live for this shit" just sound incredibly dumb, especially when said "shit" is cramming overplayed, unfunny, and mostly untrue stereotypes down societies throat. And rt3, "fags"? Really? That is just a big red flag for stupid douche.

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You are jumping down someones throat for using the word fag, maybe not so appropriate, and your calling them a stupid douche? Wow, who sounds dumb now?

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