Jägermeister: Struck by Lightning

Lightning is one of the most fascinating powers of nature. This year the USA counted 272 victims of lightning. Daryn Kahn made a documentary about this phenomenon in the lightning capital of the world, Florida USA. But what started as a documentary about lightning ended up with an extremely dangerous experiment.

Documentary maker: Daryn Kahn


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Enjoyed bits of it. However can't understand why Jagermeister would put their name with this.

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I agree andylefty, BUTT why did go into battle with that crappy suit. He really needed what that magician was wearing.

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too dangerous.

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I don't get what kind of mileage Jagermeister hopes to get out of this film. The fact that it is a mocumentary isn't very clear (judging by the majority of the comments here and on Youtube), and even so, what does this have to do with the Jager brand and does it make you want to buy into it? I'm not convinced that it does.

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