J C Penney: Doodle heart

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA


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I don't know where JC penney fits in all this little story, is it a back to school sale, I donno?
but hell I love it, cute cute cute..

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They're selling their brand personality & it works!

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:: dam ::

A little bit overacted at the end, but nice

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that tune again! could it be even more cliché and predictable? i didn't like it.

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predictable. where do i begin? C&H sugar sweet.

Arnold Santillan

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I think the concept was cute (girl has a crush and draws the heart but is embarrased to be found out). But the execution was sort of dumb. She just sees it drawn everywhere, its not that clever or interesting, although the filming was well done and the girl is cute.

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I really liked it. I thought at the end the girl felt empowered and isn't that what it's all about? Also, it was such an interesting twist that I am thinking maybe their clothes are a little more interesting than I would have thought them to be.
I will check it out. Will be interested in seeing what my 14 year daughter thinks of the ad. I will show her tomorrow.
Good job JC PENNY!

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rajesh BS

very cute ad

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I thought it was a very cute an and everyone seemed to watch to whole thing so it did its job in promoting JCPenny.

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