January 2011

With a very limited budget, the "itsUrcall" campaign and its story grabbed the attention of local and national media, including the Globe & Mail. A few months later, the Government of Alberta announced a law to ban cell phone use while driving, which will come into effect in 2011. This online video was produced to complement the itsUrcall stunt from earlier last year, and drive even more awareness before this law kicks in:

Advertising Agency: CrackerJack, Calgary, Canada
Creative: Jack Adamson

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Something is missing!

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The idea is clear, but it does look low cost.

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Low or big – cost is matter of no consideration. It looks quite good, but I'm afraid that all such campaigns lack REAL power of convincing. Scaring is good idea in general, but i catch myself often on writing sms while drive and i know good campaigns about that. I think what should be really attacked is a matter of PROBABILITY. Everyone knows possible results of such behaviour and thinks that "it won't happen to me". This campaign tries to do this, but lacks REAL scaring.

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simple message, but the power is missing!

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Something is missing!


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