IP Casino: Wintagious

Advertising Agency: Red Square Agency, Mobile, USA
Creative Directors / Art Director: Matt Whitfield
Copywriters: Matt Whitfield, Chris Stoltz
Director: Sam Crawford
Production Company: Momorama
Aired: October 2008


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funny, but where's the outbreak monkey?

also just realized that this was probably one of don lafontaine's last commercials (or it sure sounds like him). rip don.

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Oh, I like this one too. Is that Don Lafontaine...? Isn't he dead?

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This is great!! he he



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But why is it the guy putting his hand on his head at the end of the commercial? He doesn't look too happy about it.

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change the word 'jackpot' back to 'virus' and 'win' back to 'die'. then you got the original dialogue they are aming at.

btw: funny stuff!

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Seb Law

This is great, I've just posted a blog about it in fact! So refreshing to see casinos taking a lighter, tongue in cheek route to advertising.

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Crisp One
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big load of garbage

the lines not mine...but relevant

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Guest commenter

funny :)

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Fantastic! You guys are brilliant. This campaign is good positioning. Lots of payouts. Thats what people want. To win. Man. You guys nailed it. Nice job. I hope i get sick with money! HAHA! don't cough your money mucus up on me! Don't get too close, you might catch this money virus! cool. You guys should do something with snot money next. People would dig that. Lots of snotty money dripping everywhere.

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Maybe it could be an STD money virus? Aww shit dawg, i got da money clap!

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HAHA or maybe the Swine Flu money virus.

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