International Anti-Fur Coalition & Fur Free: Handbag

If only everyone could see the real cost of fur.

The idea is to give the viewer a reality check by showing that this glamorous fur handbag was once an animal. We convey this message by giving the bag real intestines as if it were a live animal being ripped open. The fact that the woman is completely nonchalant about the animal innards is a device to show that people don't see the torture committed by the fur trade when purchasing fur.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Directors: Romano Cardinal, Cameron Watson
Copywriters: Simon Lotze, Caitlin Cloete
Director: Anna Lize Mostert
Production Company: 7 Films
Published: December 2009

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OK, having a salad for lunch today.

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OK, I'll have a salad for lunch today.

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having a salad every day

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good one

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It's faux fur, you can spot faux a mile away!

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Wow. Yes it has the usual guts associated with these type of ads, but kinda gets you in a different way! I like it. Nice work. Beautifully shot and styled.

Faux fur or not - suppose they have to use faux otherwise would kinda be defeating the point of the ads outcome..... yes?

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Makes me hungry for steak!

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