IKEA: World without textiles

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA
Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Vice Chairman: Andreas Dahlqvist
Associate Creative Directors: Koen Malfait, Zack McDonald
Junior Art Directors: Sheila Johansson, Zorica Radovic
Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo
Producers: Luca Mazzarini, Minnie Tran
Music Producer: Michael Ladman
Executive Project Leader: Rich Whalen
Project Leader: Isabelle Brummer Lewenhaupt
Production Company: Paranoid US
Director: Olivier Babinet
DP: Yves Cape
Executive Producers: Jamie Miller, Claude Letessier
Producer: Pat Harris
Production Designer: Robert Dabrowski
Costume Designer: Fred Cambier
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Colorist: Pearly Leung
Mixer: Marc Healy
Producer: Olivia Chiu
Music: Maplewood “Everything I own”


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63 pencils



chunkylover69's picture
71 pencils

drags on. i got bored at 20s in.

miko1aj's picture
3092 pencils

why is it so long? It's quite nice, but this length makes it more desirable to watch for the creators than the viewers.

kleenex's picture
37349 pencils

How did this get the green light???

Passaporteau's picture
162 pencils

This is not so good

Jogo do Bicho

Temple's picture
10993 pencils

A perfectly nice 45'' commercial turned into a 2 minute bore. Oh, the fallacy of "going viral".

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Nike Diesel
13385 pencils

Ultra boring from the beginning to the end.
And the copy "life is hard without textiles" is weak and lame.

CommandZ's picture
2504 pencils

No. Ouch. And no.

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