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To show the versatility of IKEA, we publish a new commercial every day. That's 365 commercials a year. This is made possible by smart production methods, a sharp media strategy and a day-by-day creative mentality. These commercials are a selection from the first month. Hereby, we proof that every day is truly different at IKEA. We're showing 10 of these.

Advertising Agency: Lemz Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Creative Director: Remco Marinus
Art Directors: Daniel te Lindert, Wendy Deun, Luiz Risi
Copywriters: Robin Stam, Monique Gerritsen
Production company: Cake
Director: Albert-Jan van Rees

September 2010


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The idea of showing a new commercial every day is nice, but if all 365 commercials are as boring as these ten, it's a missed opportunity for such a great brand. Just look at the 'cats' commercial made by Mother. One fantastic commercial instead of 365 lame ones...


atb2005's picture
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I agree with Mr Lee Harvey. Who needs 365 commercials?? That's such a stupid idea. These are not even funny or entertaining. Let's hope Ivan does not post the remaining 355. That said, Mother, London is the mother of all agencies! :)

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a new commercial every day.... that's a great idea for the client. ( it's boring to see them all but this will not happen ... )

Simple ideas are the best !

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clayology com
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Guys..lets talk about just this one as of now..ya..I simply love it! Fantastic! I want this kind of wall at my place! Now!

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