Hyundai Azera: Perfume

Advertising Agency: Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Agency Producer: Ruth Chowles
Creative Director: Gareth McPhearson
Copywriter: Dave Topham
Art Director: Gareth McPhearson
Director: Miles Goodall
Director of Photography: Miles Goodall
Production Co & City: Suburban, Johannesburg
Producer: Janine Van Assen


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Something with sound. Error!

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Very sorry, conversion issue. Fixed it by hand.

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No composing could save these anyway... What is the message, is it luxurious? How?

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Sorry! .... not convincing at all !

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I actually like this one, the message is not a one benefit message, but i dont think it has to be that way either

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i liked it...

it's all in the head!!!

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Made in South Africa and using Arabs?

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i share the concern pointed by LeeMoh. it has the Arab touch. it shows the Aoud (arab perfume made from expensive wood oil), the lighting popular in arab and has connotation of being expensive and the music is also very arab. may be, the ad is made by the SA agency for middle east market.

the ad to me is very well made. the comparision speaks of superiroity (not functionally though) and the DoP adds immense value. the music also takes an upbeat at the right moment as soon as the car comes in the frame. well done.


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