Hyundai Azera: Jewel

Advertising Agency: Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Agency Producer: Ruth Chowles
Creative Director: Gareth McPhearson
Copywriter: Dave Topham
Art Director: Gareth McPhearson
Director: Miles Goodall
Director of Photography: Miles Goodall
Production Co & City: Suburban, Johannesburg
Producer: Janine Van Assen


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That expensive eh? :)

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Definitely a degree of luxury is their message

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Mike Max
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Kinda bring down the effect of luxury when the copy says "it's just a car".

So much anticipation were built up with reference to pearl (just a sand), diamond(just a rock) and gold(just a metal).
I thought the car should be credit one notch above them.

Just my 2 cents worth~

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D Jaaaaaaaaaaaz
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agree with Mirikuaro

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i like this concept

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this is a very nice concept except 1 thing.. it's just a car withdraw the expensive thing in the ad..

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