September 2008
Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
CD / Partner: Jeff Goodby
Art Director: Diko Daghlian
Copywriter: Brian Ahern
CD: Will McGinness
EP: Tod Puckett
Producer: MJ Otto
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Christian Loubek
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
EP: Dave Morrison
Producer: Jessica Cooper Carlson
EP / Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Production Supervisor: Karen Waters
Commercial Coordinator: Jessica Lee
Art Director: Mike Topoozian
2nd AD: Kirk Rogers
Editorial: Spot Welders
Editor: Robert Duffy
Assistant Editor: Jeff Maynar
EP: David Glean
Producer(s): Carolina Wallace, Lisa English
Telecine: Rushes
Visual FX: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Paul O'Shea
EP: Michael Pardee
VFX Producer: Mark Allen Kurtz
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Production Coordinator: Diana Cheng
CG Supervisor(s): Jonah Hall, Andy Cochrane
Inferno Artist(s): Brad Scott, Stefan Smith, Miles Essmiller
3D Modeling: Greg Stuhl, Chad Fedmie, Lersak Bunupuradah
3D Tracking: Michael Lori, Eddie Offerman, Daniel Warom, and Tom Stanton
3D Lighting: Josh Hatton, Brian Bell, John Courte, Aaron Vest
FX Animator: Jeff Willette
Animator / Lighting: Andy Cochrane
FX Setup: Beatrice Lorenzo
Air Date: September 2008

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it seems many american men are dealing with small endowment. a big v8 helps to overcome smallness. i would like to see a gas-waste tax on horsepower. anything over 145 HP should be severely taxed. like $25 per hp over 145 PER YEAR. 345hp, $5000 yearly tax! under 100hp, half-price license plates!

SeanMartin's picture

Okay, so it can go really, really fast. As far as I can see, it's just wasting gas so the owner can prove... well, something. "I'm having a mid-life crisis!", perhaps.

Sorry, but when we're in a oil crisis worldwide, you'd think they could find some other feature to promote aside from how really, really fast their cars go. Safety, maybe (Wow, what a concept). Reliability. But this? It might have been fine twenty years ago, but now it's just starting to smack of irresponsibility.

That's not to say that ad agencies have to be paragons of social responsibility (That's almost too frightening to think about), but at the same time, when your main feature is so limited by modern standards, maybe it's time to rethink your product.

I'm curious: are European cars promoted this way? Or is this an American thing?

Copy_Can's picture

Well, considering you end your post with a question on how European or American cars are advertised, along with a weak argument beforehand, I'm going to assume you know nothing about advertising and cars.

Before I break down your argument, I just want to say that owners of vehicles don't "prove" that they're having a mid-life crisis. Frankly, I don't think anyone would want to "prove" that or show it off by the type of vehicle they drive.

Anyways. This is Hyundai's first vehicle for the consumer market with a V8. It doesn't matter that there is an oil crisis right now, the bottom line is Hyundai decided to build a V8 car. So despite "bad timing" given the economic conditions, the bottom line is they have a stellar product, on par with Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus, and they need to communicate this benefit to the public.

Hence these ads.

And how is "safety" and "reliability" fine for this day and age, yet you find this ad above something that "might have been fine 25 years ago"? You really think a car ad promoting "safety" and "reliability" is something new and unchartered in the world of automotive advertising?

Oh that's right. I forgot. You know nothing about car advertising. I'm sorry for scalding you.

SeanMartin's picture

You call it a stellar product. Do you own one? Or are you buying into the hype of the ad?

Or, perhaps, did you work on the ad and feel compelled to protect your work?

Whatever, your response is just indicative of the me-first attitude that got all of us into this mess in the first place. "It's all about power!" No, it isnt -- it's about getting you from point A to point B: everything else is just candy.

And if you cant see how safety and reliability are relevant product advantages, then I suggest you learn a little more about the product you're hyping. And no, fool, I'm not saying they would be "new" or "uncharted", but they would probably get you a lot further than "Wow, see how much this can waste?"

"Scalding"? You're not even luke warm.

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Thanks for reinforcing my point that you know nothing about advertising and cars.

Enjoy your Monday.

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Guest commenter

looks like seanMartin is either a 5 year old, or an idiot.

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Guest commenter

All cars go from A to B, what is it about your product that's great? Find it and communicate this feature/benefit.

Everyone else is selling candy, you're proposing to sell the wrapper. Doofus.

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it seems many american men are dealing with small endowment. a big v8 helps to overcome smallness. i would like to see a gas-waste tax on horsepower. anything over 145 HP should be severely taxed. like $25 per hp over 145 PER YEAR. 345hp, $5000 yearly tax! under 100hp, half-price license plates!

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Nabila Basher
Activity Score 10

They have an ad on the safety issue

This is only one of 4 ads... i wouldn't say its great though. there are better car ads. but most are the same. nothing new...

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Activity Score 1284

If the spot wasn't so boring, it might not be so boring.

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Activity Score 384

This is just plain boring. Period. Advertising for the sake of introducing.

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Activity Score 183

Sean Martin is a real trouble maker on this Ads of the World. Everytime I look around and here's a negative comment from him. I wonder what he has to show for himself?

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Activity Score 290

i'm buying it.

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was that jeff bridges doing the voice work? that would make sense since the art looks similar to iron man

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Guest commenter

I wish my car went from A to B

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Guest commenter

Hey, thank's for extracting the gall out of the 'professional' discussion by making me laugh