Hudson's Bay Co.: Explorers

Advertising Agency: John St. Advertising, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Art Director: Nellie Kim
Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Agency Producer: Shawna McPeek
Editing House: Panic & Bob
Editor: David James Findlay
Director: Chris Sargent
Original Music / Sound Design & Mix: Imprint Music
Aired: December 2009


shahidali's picture
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execution is not above par. feel like great opportunity misses.


thedesignaddict's picture
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@ shahidali - You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

This spot has great production value. Interesting narrative. Music is not good. Good work overall.

shahidali's picture
4067 pencils

are you suggesting that for me to have some idea, my opinion must match that of yours? in that case, be surprised. my opinion matches your comment. Thank God, i'm saved this time by a narrow margin!!!


Hibon's picture
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Classic...simple and.straight to the point.This works very well, (it could be better) still a great production.

Simple ideas are the best !

diogorspd's picture
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I like the music. It transmits the feeling of moving forward from a beginning to a point where it matches with the insight of the comercial. Plus, there are some good shots there. Nothing wonderful but as Hibon said, straight to the point.

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