HTC: Detour

A+dvertising A+gency: Fearlessly Frank, London, UK
Creatives: Ben Little, Wayne Guthrie, David Curzon, Vikki Fulton
TV Producers: Selina Dey, Georgia Dickinson
Film Prod Co: A++ / A+cademy Films
Director: Seb Edwards
Producer: Dom Thomas
Dir of Photography: Lasse Frank
Post-Prod House: MPC
VFX Producer / Supervisor: A+bisayo A+dejare
Editing House: Trim
Editor: Tom Lindsay
A+udio House: Wave

July 2011


Temple's picture
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2 minute ads with skaters or bikers. The intentions may be good, but the result is boring.

Rotzgoht's picture
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Agreed, boring. It is pretty though, and there's certainly a love of cycling communicated, but ho-hum. And since I don't anything about the company, I have no idea, from the spot, how the tag relates to the product.

sukhdev's picture
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i didnt see the full video also.. left it half the way.

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