HRSDC: Faces of Abuse

Financial abuse of seniors is insidious, takes many forms, and can even be inflicted by a loved one. Our approach to raising awareness of this issue was to create a scenario that looked completely innocent on the surface: an elderly woman having tea with a woman who could be a relative, care worker, or neighbour. Using a dramatic change of tone, we quickly take the viewer beneath the friendly exterior to show the kinds of abuse that could be taking place: pressure to help with a bad investment, flattery to coerce money, and threats of abandonment. As the elderly woman becomes aware of what is really going on, she walks away from the situation to seek help. The ad was produced in English and French for a national audience in Canada. It is currently running as pre-roll on major news sites frequented by the target audience.

Advertising Agency: Acart Communications, Canada
Senior Creative Director: John Staresinic
Creative Director: Tom Megginson
Associate Creative Director: Vernon Lai
Art Directors: Kerry Hodgson, Javier Frutos
Copywriters: Tom Megginson, Vincent LeBlanc
Production Manager: Lynn Norris
Agency Producer: Pierrette Bornais
Account Director: Gillian Todd-Messinger
Account Manager: Tania Glithero
Media Strategy: Sue McKinney, Kevin Scannell, Natalie Lafleche
Production House: La Cavalerie
Director: Dominique Laurence
Producer: Émilie Heckmann
Production Manager: Sébastien Poussard
DOP: Jonathan Decoste
Artistic Director: Susan MacQuarrie
Editors: Hubert Hayaud, Benoit Marcoux
Stylist: Marie-Claude Guay

February 2012


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Why does VO speak like she hates us? And not very impressed by the idea to be honest.

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I did not think the acting was so great in this ad.

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Pretty scary. Raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

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