HP: Burton

Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA
Co-Chairman/Partner: Rich Silverstein
CD/Partner: Steve Simpson
Group CD: Margaret Johnson
ACD: Barton Corley
Art Director: Peter Conolly
Executive Broadcast Producer: Josh Reynolds
Broadcast Producer: Todd Porter

Prod Company: RSA Films, Inc.
Director: Jake Scott
President: Jules Daly
EP: Fran McGivern
Producer: David Mitchell

Post/Effects: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul O’ Shea
CG Supervisor: Jonah Hall
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Producer: Mark Allen Kurtz
Production Coordinator(s): Chris Tuason, Steven Poulsen
CG Producer: Jeff Werner

Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Katz Ushio
Producer: Jerry Sukys

Visual effects: Asylum

Miles Essmiller

Yama Yamashita - Lighting and Animation
Stu Mintz - Lighting and Animation
Chris Romano - Animator
Marion Spates - Lead Lighter
Michael Lori - Lead Tracker
Genny Yee - Tracker
Eddie Offermann - Tracker
Devin Fairbairn - Tracker
Andrew Cochrane - Tracker
Tom Stanton - Tracker

Huey Carroll - Roto
John Brennick - Roto
Deke Kincaid - Roto
James Lee - Roto
Scott Baxter - Roto
Junko Schugardt - Roto


booyacka01's picture
66 pencils

With such a great subject matter to write to, it was a really disappointing result. The dialogue was so forced and cliché.

RM's picture
419 pencils

Has to be the biggest cast since Lawrence of Arabia, waste of money and it seems too many cooks, get over yourselves wankers

instinctive traveller's picture
instinctive tra...
189 pencils

You know, I was actually forced to view these ads on Reuters or was it the BBC website just before the videos. I remember thinking that the ad is at best vague even after several repetitions. Is it a case of too many cooks? http://upthechimney.blogspot.com

sparkvisual's picture
56 pencils

Yeah... "but then we found a way" as the last line? Great, would you care to clarify what you did and how HP helped you do it? Thanks.

Guest's picture

I actualy thought this ad was pretty cool. Yes, the dialogue was a little forced but then, they're trying to tell the story of a businessman here, not a real actor. Can't argue with how it looks tho

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