Hoover: Fetch

Advertising Agency: The Hardy Boys, Durban, South Africa
Creative Director: Geoff Paton
Art Director: Pieter Steenkamp
Copywriter: Mark Stoner
Agency Producer: Santa Asbury
Production House: Bouffant/Fringe
Film Director: Chloe Coetzee
Published: September 2010


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Ha! The three videos are well done, and I like this one the best.

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"Puns are the droppings of soaring wits."

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It's a metaphor not a pun...

Such an intelligent comment by such an obvious idiot...

Nice ad's...


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how metaphor is that? Dog's ignorance refers to what exactly in a vacuum cleaner? Series are simply based on "pick up" pun.

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You obviously got your education from either home schooling or from some poverty-stricken arse end of the planet...

Let me give you an example of a pun: Bee construction company, we're buzzzzzzy! That is a pun...

A metaphor is when an analogy is made between two objects like the dog and the vacuum cleaner...

God hope you are not in advertising, because if you are, then explains a lot about the quality of advertising these days...

Did you you like the movie wrong turn?

Seeing your relatives become famous must have been exciting...

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Love it!

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This one is good,other two are way too boring

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Jaap Grolleman
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Should have made the campaign 15 second spots.

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Shouldn't have made the campaign at all, such a lame idea

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this is great...simple and funny
but dont get it with the campaigne haha

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