Honda: Happy Drivers, People Movers

Advertising Agency: RPA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Smith
Group Creative Directors: Joe Baratelli, Jason Sperling
Creative Director: Mark Patton
Associate Creative Director: Bill Halladay
Senior Art Director: Christian Musson
Copywriter: John Witting
Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Agency Producer: Phung Vo
Production Co: Buck
Director: Buck
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Director of Photography: Joe Meade
Production Supervisor: Floyd Albee
VFX Supervisor: Kathy Siegal
Line Producer: Kati Haberstock
Post-Production Company: Buck
Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Eric Badros
Full Buck Credits Below:
Production Coordinators: Ben Tucker, Ashley Hsieh
Production Assistant: Meghan Macias
Associate Creative Director: Jeremy Sahlman
Art Directors: Jenny Ko, Joe Mullen
Design: Chris Lee, Jorge Canedo, Matt Everton
Storyboards: Matt Everton, Regis Camargo
3D Lead: Jens Lindgren
Modeling/Texturing: Tim Hayward, Ivan Sokol, Joe Langmuir, Albert Omoss,
Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema
Animation: Matt Everton, Tim Hayward, Dony Permedi, Jorge Canedo,
Albert Omoss, Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema, Colin Hesterley
Lighting/Shading: Tim Hayward, Joe Langmuir, Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema
Compositing Supervisor: Evan Parsons
Compositing: Moses Journey, Alex Perry, Matthew Encina, Matt Green,
Jon Gorman, Ben Vance, Aaron Knapp
Rotoscoping/Painting: Tim Turner, Owen Hammer, Melissa Widup,
Kendra Ryan, Paul Sloboda, Fran Battaglia, Nineli Khanian
Editor: Andrew Gura
Software Used: Maya, After Effects, Silhouette, Dragon Stop Motion
Song: Vampire Weekend "Holiday"
Sound Mix Company: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Sound Mixer: Mark Meyuhas


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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I think the ad tried to be interesting, but I doubt anyone will think it is. Full of Christmas cliche's - though wrapped up in nice art direction.

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I think stop-motion commercials are to much used!

sirvan's picture
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Yeah. Art Direction is good. Song is catchy. Etc. Etc. …car accounts are the worst. So hard.

Kudos to the (weirdly large) team on this series :)


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I see the car. Where's the idea?

Guest's picture

was the brief asking for one?

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It's car advertising. It's not original. It hasn't been in a long time. What can ya do?

Sushi lover's picture
Sushi lover
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What is the idea?

Dream needs to be big!

pol27's picture
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good Art direction.

Cheerriiee's picture
952 pencils

simple, i like it

CuriousPencil's picture
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Visually cute, but 'make the holidays even happier' is hardly a way to push an investment that's second only to a mortgage in its size, and hardly a way to make it sound as long-term as it need be.

I'm also guessing the art director took a day off when the closing shot showed two people cramped together in a tent. Not the best association you want to evoke for a people carrier.

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