Honda: Excess stockings

Advertising Agency: RP&, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Hage
Head of Art: Phillip Squier
Art Director: Stan Toyama
Copywriter: Rich Siegel
Senior agency producer: Carolyn Casey
Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Director: Rick LeMoine
Executive Producer: Alison Amon
Line Producer: Melinda Nugent
Director of Photography: Manel Ruiz
Production Designer: Michael Broaddus
Editorial: Arcade Edit
Editor: Patrick Griffin
Producer: Ali Reed
Asst. editor: Andy Trecki
Telecine: Mark Gethin, MPC
On-line / VFX: Mark Holden
Music: Hum
Executive Producer: Debbi Landon
Composer: Robert Lopez
Creative Director: Alex Kemp
Mix: Bob Gremore & Bruce Bueckert, Juice Studios

December 2010


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This one is good, but they slightly overdid at the end imho.

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The more I see of these the more I think it's an own goal: a season of overspending, an image of uber-indulgence, then a call to spend tens of thousands. A dangerous semiotic tightrope that I think is misbalanced here. I know I'll be howled upon but for me the message "people spend a lot of money/here's an example/spend a lot of money" is brinkmanship advertising: tell me it's an insight into consumer America and I'll be wiser.

HappyHour's picture
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Luckily for Acura, people who give this much thoughtful analysis to advertising are far outnumbered by the "reasonable consumers"

That said, well said.

Janae's picture
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"of course there are not for the children" well done, makes me smile.
congrats to the agency.

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