Honda CR-V: Matthew's Day Off

Advertising Agency: RPA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Joe Baratelli
Group Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Creative Director: Chuck Blackwell
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Ken Pappanduros
Art Director: Ariel Shukert
Copywriter: David Sullivan
SVP, EP: Gary Paticoff
Senior Producer: Isadora Chesler
Director of Business Affairs: Maria Del Homme
Production Co: Moxie Pictures
Director: Todd Phillips
DP: Larry Sher
Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz
Head of Production: Roger Zorovich
Line Producer: Salli Zilles
Production Supervisor: Barry Heaps
Production Designer: Shepherd Frankel
Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Producer: Lynne Mannino
Asst. Editor: Dylan Firshein
VFX/Telecine: The Mill
Managing Director: Ben Hampshire
Telecine Artist: Adam Scott
Lead Flame Artist: Andy Bate
Producer: Enca Kaul
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Composers: Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau
Mixer: Paul Hurtubise
Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli
Producer: Caitlin Rocklen


chuckieT's picture
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John Hughes is lucky he isn't around to see this massive sell out. It seems contrary to the spirit of the film and I wonder if he would have stopped it.

This ad is well made and very watchable. But ultimately I find it a bit depressing.

Eddie Morgan's picture
Eddie Morgan
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What a let down and not a great fit for the CRV.

vote4pedro's picture
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somehow it didn't capture any of the fun of ferris bueller. just felt tired and depressing.

CommandZ's picture
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Ferris sells out. Truly lame. And yes, if John Hughes were still alive he would of shut this down.

kleenex's picture
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that did not work at all.

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rakel's picture
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i just wonder if all the people who is listed up here, the ones who are involved in this, are really proud of recycling this great old movie and just ruined it for future generations... shame on you guys!

abake's picture
1272 pencils

I wanted to like this, but then they just went and ripped off great scenes and made them boring.

Spanky's picture
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My guess is the majority of people who watch this during the Super Bowl, will say, "what a cute ad." But really, it's pretty craptastic.

audyreza's picture
105 pencils

kinda boring,
the only thing that made me giggle when he switch the dolls.

jaos's picture
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John Hughes is rolling in his grave right now. And I lost a lot of respect for Matthew Broderick, too.

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I just love this.

jazzringz's picture
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Too lone.. Too boring.

marano's picture
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Love it. Really good attention to the detail. Wish Honda had dropped the $17.5M to show the whole thing.

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