Honda: Cog

This clever two-minute commercial is a real-time creation that took seven painstaking months to prepare - and 606 video takes - that results in a mesmerizing chain reaction that will leave you scratching your head.

Advertising Agency: Wieden and Kennedy, UK


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There was a funny mock of this ad later on with humans.

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The clip is very good, but the scene with the tires is not real!
(Think about gravity)

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It supposed to be real. That's the whole point. It would be dead simple to do this in CG.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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amazing work

design is like a puzzle... I`m just trying to solve it now

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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One of the INSANELY OVERRATED spots of the advertising history.
Entertaining to an extent, but did not deserve all the accolades it received at the awards circuit.
It certainly had that lowest-common-denominator visual appeal.
My kids really liked that spot.
Hell, even our family dog loved it!!

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one of the best tvc ads I've ever seen. I salute the propsmen!

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one of the very best

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outstanding ad!

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is not outstanding

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is not outstanding

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I always really loved this ad. Maybe my inner-child who set up the game Mouse Trap over and over is the one who really loves it. In any event, I think most people connect with a Rube Goldberg and I really liked how this one was a deconstruction of the car. It keeps me interested enough to see it through to the end and watch again.

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Perfectly executed idea.

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