Honda: Bats

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, USA
Creative Directors: David Smith, Joe Baratelli, Pat Mendelson
Associate Creative Director / AD: Curt Johnson
Associate Creative Director / CW: Todd Carey
Photographer: Markku Lahdesmaki
Agency Senior Producer: Shelley Eisner
Production Co: Digital Domain
Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
Director: Eric Barba, Brad Parker
Editorial Company: Spot Welders
Editor: Michael Heldman
Music Company: Elias Arts
Composers: Jonathan Elias, Nate Morgan
Sound Design Company: 740 Sound Design
Sound Designer: Eddie Kim
Animation & Visual Effects Company: Digital Domain
Visual Effects Supervisors: Eric Barba, Brad Parker
Sound Mix Company: Lime Studios
Sound Mixer: Loren Silber

September 2008


John Byron's picture
John Byron

Me gusta, la verdad me atrae mucho este concepto, tanto que aunque el carro no es de mi estilo, me parece muy moderno, agresivo, imponente, y con gran fuerza, Me gusta realmente.

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Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Why does this warrant 5 Creative Directors? It says there's space, but not in a way that appeals

soysaucechicken's picture
62 pencils

because everyone wants a piece of a good idea that starts from the ground and eventually gets worse as you go up...

mikepants2005's picture
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I totally agree! 5 Creative Directors were involved in making this sack of shit!!!

Calling all Americans, avoid this agency like the plague!

Stan the Man is in's picture
Stan the Man is in

All 3 commercials are absolute no-brainers. All gloss, zilch idea.

Favete's picture
365 pencils

Not the strongest piece of the campaign... but i still like it. Agressive and cool... fit... it's in my mind now.

slip's picture
919 pencils

cool visual, but not for the benefit



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