HIV Prevention: The bear

Production Company: Zeitsprung Commercial
Writer / Director: Florian Meimberg
Producer: Fredy Messmer
DoP: Tobias Rupp
Editor: Dieter Reit


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Did not see that coming. Nice thinking and execution...i smell a viral.

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I beg to differ, but I feel extremely bad. The idea is meant is that HIV is transmitted through hugs. There is no talk of respect for patients with HIV. A spot mean, nasty and with a mixed message for the execution of work.

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yeah he should have raped all those people.
But seriously: i don't like it either. the bear, hugging, the guy beneath the costume. there is no connection to hiv.

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LOL! This is unbelieveably biased. Beware of body artists, they probably have AIDS???? COME ON!!!

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Yes. This is probably what it means. By the way: SONY is selling millions of colorful balls now!

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Jaap Grolleman
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Indeed. When you put it like that, the commercial is showcasing poor taste.

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Marlus Lau
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I get the idea and I find it interesting, but it seems to have something to do with prejudice. No good.

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Holy crap. That was pretty awesome.

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aji pam
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obvious idea, different direction.. but nice, but i want more :(

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The idea is cool, but it would have been nicer to have a reveal for the people on the street.

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It dosn't work

that's wat i did in 2007


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Actually he doesnt look like a HIV, but he looks like a singer and body artist...
it should be something else inside of that bear.

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Congratulations. Very polemic, very shocking. Effective 100%

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The end is very bad...

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es el mensaje equivocado, es intolerancia, y prejuicio

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So people without HIV are cute and huggable.
People without HIV are scary and monster-like.
Better use a condom and never get close to those HIV monsters...

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Contrast this win the INPES "Free Hugs" campaign.

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Why does the guy have lumps on his head? He gives me the heebie jeebies. Is the idea that HIV is ugly, scary, etc? I think the message is that you might be hugging a beautiful stranger, who happens to be HIV positive; hence, you can't see HIV, but you can prevent it.

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Sushi lover
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like the concept alot! it is not telling you what AIDS will look like or how it spreads, it is all about how dangerous when things we cant see.

Dream needs to be big!

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Si tienes piercings y tatoos eres algo maligno? ja

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A old but great campagn !

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Yeah...I have to agree that the idea was there but the message is twisted...could have been better...Well shot / edited etc...

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hilarious. sad, though, that once again body-mod people are portrayed as something sinister and malicious.

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This sucks! discriminitation in all senses.I know that the idea has nothing to do with, but you forgot that HIV doesnt transmit if you hug someone. For a creative director is clear, but for the final target can confuse in everyway.

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I have to agree! This is so wrong in so many ways. Hugging is a risk of catching HIV? People with HIV look like the guy in the costume? Discrimination and very disrespectful ad.

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It's not about him having HIV. Most people wouldn't hug him if they saw what he looked like under the costume, just like people who don't have HIV wouldn't have unprotected sex with someone if they knew they had HIV. It's saying that no matter how a person looks, they can be hiding something that would make you change your decision.

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this doesnt work. the shock factor was so off-putting i made myself get amnesia to save myself from having to live with the memory

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that ad scares me to death (that part where the guy takes off the bear headdress and screams in a nasty sort of way). it's bugging my mind off, even when asleep. T_______T scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

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