Heineken: The Switch

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Neboko, Netherlands


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cool video.

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Brilliant execution. I want to work on a spot like this.

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Lovely ad. Heineken doesn't need ideas and insight anymore, they've reached that level where they can just sort of do ads that show the brand personality. And it's great.

I'd lurve to get one of these briefs!

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Although i like this ad, and how it is crafted i have exactly opposite impressions.
First of all – i don't like the idea, that Heinie tells a story about PUB and group of men going out for a beer. It's FRIGGIN'ly cliche starting point.
Second – it's resemblance of an "Entrance" ad with all this videoclip-feeling. Good music – btw.
And Last – if Heineken has really strong personality IT DOESN't have to make pub-commercials with dozens of beauty-shots.

So – brief was actually probably BORING as hell:
group of men going out.
MUST: pub.

Saying it all: congratulations for creative team – according to such brief it could be catastrophe; due to their idea it is acceptable.

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Well put.

But i still think the brief is pretty awesome. Its like "ok - you know what to do, no go out there and make it as interesting as possible."

Its a break from the routine of cracking awesome concepts (which of course is what we should be doing everyday, and indeed what we do every day)

I wouldnt mind getting briefs like this from time to time

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Although this "transformation of surroundings" is a rather old trick in the industry, I must admit this was directed in style.

But to be honest, this one can't reach the bar set so high in the last couple of years by Heineken.

Consider this a filler until the brand comes up with something superb again.

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