Heineken: Gorgeous

Advertising Agency: Rothco, Ireland
Heineken Creative Director: Alan Kelly
Art Director: Dylan Davies
Agency Producer: Margaret Levingstone
Account Director: Zara Flynn
Director: Vaughan Arnnell
DOP: Jan Richter-Friis
Producer: Astrid Edwards / Stink
Production Company: Page
Editors: Leo King / Stitch Editing
Postproduction: Allen Sillery / Screenscene


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Did Heineken really approve this?

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Seems not. The tagline is different than their existing campaign. But who knows? It's hard to tell w/out credits. But often lack of credits means SCAM.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Seems not? Posted on Heineken's OFFICIAL youtube channel. Great spot, btw.

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Nike Diesel
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It's not a scam. ...
It's their new tagline. The actually had for a while...

Remember The Entrance spot? Same tagline. If you don't recall, here it is:

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One minute of the alcoholics’ life.

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the tagline was used in their last ad too - its just a new campaign

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Nike Diesel
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Nice spot.

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