Hamark: We're at war

Advertising Agency: The Vatikan Advertising Agency, Iceland
Creatives: Snorri Baron, Gulli Adalsteinsson, Nokkvi Thorsteinsson
Director: Hannes Thor
Cinematography: Elli Cassata
Post production: Bjarki Trickshot
Music: Kristján Sturla Bjarnason
Sound mix: Addi 800, Don Pedro
Production: Jon Thor, Ásta Briem

June 2011


Temple's picture
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nothing really special, but great agency name

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Richard Finch
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I actually think this is less than appropriate...and for whatever reason they chose to mimic "The King's Speech" frame by frame, it still does nothing for me...on the contrary

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Happy Housewife
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The story behind the idea is that the actor in the leading role is a famous athlete in Iceland who stutters like King George. However it was not a common knowledge among the public so this commercial was his way to tell the people about his problem in a light way by mimicing the award winning film "The King's Speech". He has received great appreciation from people suffering from similar difficulties and praise from professionals who help young children to deal with stutter.
So this commercial is mostly relevant to those who are familiar with the two actors although we appreciate it being featured in this fine collection of adverts.
Best regards,

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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...and quite dull to the rest of us.

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Hammad S
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we're not part of the target market apparently...

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