Haggar Life Khaki: Stereotypes

Advertising Agency: McGarrah-Jessee, USA
Creative Director: James Mikus
Art Director: Ross Aboud
Copywriter: Kevin Dunleavy
Agency Producer: Meredith Roach
Account Supervisor: Alisha Sare
Production Company: 3MC / Fueld Films
Directors: Ben Hurst, Dave Thomas
Producer: Barry Heaps
Executive Producers: Brady Anderton, Summer Finley
DP: Munn Powell
Production Designer: Chris Stull


Temple's picture
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I don't want to sound mean, but when the agency asks me to get a pair my first thought is get a set of creatives who don't want to recreate the old spice guy for the quadrillionth time.

Sébastien Heinz's picture
Sébastien Heinz
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Yup. What I was thinking myself.

someguy's picture
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Look at your pants. Now back to me. Now back to your pants.

It's very Old Spice. And yes, I love it away.

Sergz's picture
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KKKhaki pants!

stickynotes's picture
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i like khakis.

kleenex's picture
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I love all three TV spots..

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