Habib's: Arabian

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DRAFTFCB, Brazil
Creative directors: Ricardo John
Creatives: Ricardo John, Tadeu Almeida, Tiago Pinho
Agency producers: Victor Alloza, Viviane Guedes
Account supervisors: Mauro Silveira, Larissa Zucatelli and Anna Claudia Pereira
Production company: Cinegrafika de Filmes
Director: Marcelo Presotto
Sound: Play It Again

March 2008


wildbore's picture
749 pencils

nice.good job guys!

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The "Got it?" kills it, in my opinion.

Inverted's picture
193 pencils

Agreed... they could have done without. Still i think this is very cool

kalpesh78's picture
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loved the ad... nice voice-over.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

troika02's picture
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stereotyping arabs eh?

nabila's picture
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first of all not funny
second seriously!!!!
i can't find creativity in stereotyping nor racism! sorry did nothing but provoke me about the misconception foreign countries have about arabs. either research properly or simply don't tackle issues like that!

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"Got it?"
No. I didn't get it. Can someone please explain?

iT-iS-i's picture
1721 pencils

So outta of family of one husband and four wives, all the kids were male? Pfff...

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Disco Munky
3890 pencils

That's some bullshit right there.

Doin' it for the points

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Crisp One
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Tincho's picture
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It feels like they are selling this to non-Arabians.

They are explaining Arabians life to Arabians.

Killer Kowalski's picture
Killer Kowalski
394 pencils

Let's burn Brazilian flags!!!

gmint7's picture
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what it got to do with fast food? coz its arabic??

crap ad..


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A to the G
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dragonize's picture
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Even if Habib's is owned by Arabs (anyone know?) that is just stupid and racially stereotypical. Even if it weren't racist it's not a funny joke.

everartz's picture
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STOP PICTURING ARABS LIKE THAT.. they are not with veils at least for the majority of them, and they DONT marry four wives and this is absolutely bullshit!!!

| Everartz |

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drunk dave
1066 pencils

This is beyond offensive... no wonder the Nazis dashed off to South America when the war ended.

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advertising ninja
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really, whats good about this? i was expecting something fun will come in the end.. nothing happened..

Wordnerd's picture
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wow, this is on air somewhere? racist crap

Hind Nawar's picture
Hind Nawar
6 pencils

R U SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!! what kind of racist, idiot,****** thought that he could get people (no matter what their race or Religion) to eat at that place using THIS AD.!!!
good job people i think u just caused Mr. Habib to lose his bussiness

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OK. I did not "got it"! At all! Sorry.... What does it has to do with the product?


Guest's picture

no... didnt got any thing

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?????? stupid commercial no i didn't got it.

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did anyone even notice the ad wasn't even in portuguese?? how would they sell to brazilians in a language not their own.....i don't know who made that video but i've never seen it aired on television. it's obviously just a bad joke. there are many arabs in brasil, and many arab decendants (of which i happen to be one) and they would never wish to be that insulting. just remember the fact that the 'ad' was not even in portuguese and you can realize that this was never park of the fast food chains advertising campaign.


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