Guerlain: The Legend of Shalimar film

President: Laurent Boillot
Artistic Director: Benjamin De Lapparent
International Marketing Director: Margerie Barbès-Petit
Fragrance Marketing Director: Ann-Caroline Prazan
Advertising Production Director: Jeannine Burglé
Production Company: Quad
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Executive Producer: Martin Coulais
Line producer: Claudia Traeger
DOP: Patrick Duroux
Art Director: Bettina Godi
SFX Supervisor on-set: Jean Pierre Grandet
Production assistant: Clémence Lhuilier
Production Service: Adfilm-Valas
Producer: Kunal Kapor
Line producer: Shetty Prabhakar
Post Production: Digital District
Post Producer: Nataly Aveillan
Color Grading: Jean-Clément Soret / MPC

August 2013


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That sure does have high production value for one item.

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what's mean?

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Forgive the spelling, am swedish..

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Comprises everything that's wrong with advertising today

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soft porn with bad bolero music... Bollywood look a like, but with millions thrown.oh my god, looks like emanuelle or mariana and sandokan..... ok guys, when u throw millions , at least give some penny to a writer... u will have something to shoot.riding for half commercial would not catch anyone attention, and the disappointment will be bigger to the viewer... and find some postproduction who knows how to deal with water. and at the end.. I only liked the birds, they fly away just like your money in this clip

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