LEGO — Everything is NOT awesome

July 2014

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.



We love LEGO. You love LEGO. Everyone loves LEGO. But when LEGO's halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something. Children's imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today. Greenpeace is calling on LEGO to end its partnership with Shell to Save the Arctic.

Film advertisment created by Don't Panic, United States for Greenpeace, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Don't Panic

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mmackinven's picture
Activity Score 1608

Isn't Lego plastic made from oil?

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 47503

Legos.... REALLY!?!?!?!

aeroxy's picture
Activity Score 89

I feel the ad itself is creative but it seems to be off the topic more or less.

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7318

Is that a GoT reference at 00:49?

Pete R.'s picture
Pete R.
Activity Score 3412

Feels like creatives wanted to do an ad with LEGO. Forced a client.

Landie's picture

Who Sings this song? It's beautiful :)

mmackinven's picture
Activity Score 1608

Isn't Lego plastic made from oil?

JustinStiks's picture

That is funny. Do green peace members drive cars or use plastic?

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

Everything is Awesome is title track for the LEGO movie. If you don't know that, I can see how some people wouldn't get the LEGO connection. Clearly the irony is that everything is NOT awesome. I like the idea. It leverages a bit of pop culture to deliver its message. Nicely executed.

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7318

Opps. Warner has pulled the copyright plug on YouTube, but you can still see the film here:

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Activity Score 4

Smart job. Congratulations.

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instant coppee
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how ever little, how ever ironic... or choose whatever you'd want to say about it, a message is being delivered here and I'm am sharing this. It's been said before and i choose to say it again - there is only ONE earth! careful what you do to this ONE home we have!
i will drive my car, wrap my lunch in a plastic bag and use more water than needed.... I WILL ALSO SHARE THIS!


satish singh
creative director, max l'agence