Greeneffect.com: Butterflies

Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond, Barry Quinn
Art Director: Jeff Cheung
Copywriter: Andrew Chisholm
Executive Producer: Janice Bisson
Animation: Head Gear Animation
Director / Animator: Isaac King
Executive Producer: Andria Minott
Producer: Kathryn Rawson
Music/Sound Design: Pirate Toronto
Aired: April 2009


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the ones who will applaud you about this work will be your parents i'm afraid

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why don't you show us what you can do?

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1453 pencils

what if im already in DC? don't i get to travel? cheating scumbags! just for that i wont give you my earth saving idea...


Quite really.

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Take the bus 4 blocks, we will pay for it...

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Hey, i have an idea,
how about killing ALL the world leaders, Presidents, Prime ministers, CEO's, Whale hunters, Millionaires, Generals, Admirals, Marketing directors, Dictators, Bill Gates (and the team who develop Windows), Bankers, General managers, Criminals, Board directors, Paris Hilton and let the children rule the world.
Anybody else?
I bet the world would be a better place without them.

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Or we could all stop trying to be witty and clever here and commend a moderately nice ad. Nice direction and tone, guys.

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i never said that the ad is wrong or bad. i'm doing what the ad is asking for.
do you want to be on the list to?

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