Gordon Finest Beers: Nothing to prove

Advertising Agency: 10, Belgium
Strategy: Denis Ghys
Creative Directors: Olaf Meuleman, Jeroen Goossens
Creatives: Olaf Meuleman, Jeroen Goossens, Stephanie Van Tichelt, Charis Verrept
Account Management: Thomas Schiltz
Web development: Allard Bosch
Print Production: Yves Van Houdt
Sound Production: Sonicville
Video Production: Pimpz


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Austin Video Pr...
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I like the color scheme on this one. It really brings out the product. And the tag line is great.

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Nice ad.

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Phil Lestino
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We could have made an ad that was less boring and predictable

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"We have nothing to prove - and we can prove it"

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It's a nice campaign to be sure, very manly and well targeted. However, the concept reminds me of the amazing "No bollocks" from New Castle Brown Ale campaign. True, theirs is funnier, but in the end both campaigns are capitalizing on the simple joy of drinking beer and nothing else, no bells or whistles selling you "the lifestyle of the beer drinker". Finally, was that Gerard Buttler's voice?

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"But we didn't." What a terrible, terrible, terrible payoff.

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Really suspenseful and a down-to-earth message. It does prove though that an ad that gives an abrupt lowerness of sound catches the attention of the viewer!


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