Google: Speed & Destroy

Advertising Agency: TEAK, USA
Creative Director: Greg Rowan
Live Action Director: Magnus Oliv
Account Director: Joe Silvestri
Producers: Emily van Nierop, Kyra Ivanoff
EP Post Production: Jan Frei
Post Producer: Kyra Ivanoff
Editor: Julie Drazen
Asst. Editor: Nan Pierce
Final Picture and Color: Mark Everson
Graphics: Brian Rulapaugh, Ken Ackerman
Utility Man / Superman: Mike Mizono
Line Producers: Christopher Hall, Courtney Harrell

January 2011


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There is a part of me that likes this ad. The content is clear and I appreciate the simplicity of Google Chrome and the Cloud. I just don't know why it's over 5 minutes long? I understood the premise when the first computer was destroyed. After that I didn't really get anything from it. Shame. I suppose the question is what the length of these types of ad should be? From a personal perspective, after 90 seconds my attention is gone, unless it's constantly doing something or showing something different. Sadly, this didn't.

KbxAdz's picture
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wooooow i have budget for super slo mo, im a rocking director, wooohoooo.....lame

You Are What You Expect

Martijn's picture
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Really way too long, Google must know people don't like to watch boring movies from 5.36 minutes!

sirvan's picture
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Why do Google's interfaces and icons look like a bad version of Windows 95?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

CommandZ's picture
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Wow, that wasn't very redundant was it?! As a Mac guy I do love seeing PC's getting destroyed though.

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