Golfnow: The wife

Advertising Agency: Evolution Bureau (EVB)
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Copywriter: Matt Ashworth
Art Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Clay Weiner
Senior Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Director of Photography: Anghel Decca
Line Producer: Scott Craig
Editorial Company: TEAK Motion Visuals
Editor: Chris Taylor
Asst Editor: Sergio Rodriguez
Producer: Emily van Nierop
Audio Company: M Squared
Audio Engineers: Mark Pitchford, Chris Jalufka
Post Production Company: TEAK Motion Visuals
Smoke Artist / Colorist: Mark Everson
Smoke Asst: Jeremy Huff & Aki Shinomiy

April 2009


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Wow...I bet he's glad he married that fridged bitch!

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This is hilarious...

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Good "spot", but the tag doesn't fit very well.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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HAHAHA. Awesome!

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neither tea neither golf he's on

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Meh. She's just pissed that she married a guy with a bent 9 iron.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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I'd certainly rather book tee times online than hit that!

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Blair Semenoff
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hahahahah that's funny!

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She's got an attitude, but she is actually quite hot, while he is a fat pig. No wonder she doesn't want to fuck him. "Hey dickwad, forget golf and get to the gym. Put the fork down." Then maybe your attractive, mature wife will want to give you one, dress up a bit more and be more sexy for you. You ought to try it. It's better than golf.

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I purchased a VIP membership from LMTT on 6/21/2009. It becomes worthless on 7/27/2009. I have been calling your company almost daily to get a refund and they've taken my name/email/number and never called back. Today I tried to use up remaining yards (they are missing 500 bonus points) on a red flag tee time and someone at your company has removed my VIP status. I couldn’t redeem more than 24 hours in advance now...and the site tried to sell me another VIP membership...I am a VIP member, have never gotten a refund for the 11 months I will not receive, and now - even the last couple days of it stolen. It is my hope that you can help rectify this ongoing and time consuming problem your company has created. ~Michael Shaffer

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