GM: CEO Ed Whitacre

Advertising Agency: McCann, Detroit, USA
Executive Creative Director: Matt Canzano
Creative Directors: Matt Soldan, Michael Limbert
Producer: Stacey Gizinski

October 2009


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it's not award material, but this works well as a marketing direction. (rebuilding GM)


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I would consider buying one. You got me.

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Well, the intentions are good and good luck to GM, but... doesn't the CEO's way of walking eerily remind that of Frankenstein's? I almost thought I saw the bolt in the neck. Well, it must be that low angle shot.

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Yes, it's boring.



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The tvc matches the company values perfectly. No idea, no creativity, nothing fresh. Just like GM.

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Stunning ad! (considering this is from Detroit)

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Quite really.

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Juan Cabral
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GM doesn´t have credibility. And to put a country guy to talk about their cars, even if he is the CEO, doesn´t help at all. And the ad is not only serious, but boring serious, like every GM car.

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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yeah you're right. the day when GM start building a Hybrid-Hummer may be i'll start believing them.... good effort, nothing else.

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Yep, boring stuff, I agree.

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This isn't your Father's Oldsmobile. It's your Grandfather's.

Whoever thinks this is an effective ad has no business being in this business.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i was expecting lt. frank dreblin to say something funny but he didin't!
question: why all the people who works at gm is young and looks like extras for a bad movie?

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everything in this commercial is either old and stale or young and fake. or can you see anything real? anything that doesn't smell like bullshit? oh yeah, those are the designers and they all stand around each other next to the current models. it's a crap commercial.

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why is this here? why does gm chrysler & other american car dealers still have this macho gas guzzler point of view? why in the hell cant they turn their asses around and make cars we need?

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Sydney based jake
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"car for car when compared to the competition we win" what kind of statistic is that?? In one minute he actually said nothing.
AHH G.E.C quick panic.

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Personally, I wouldn't buy GM stock. You've got a 1950's culture company being run by a 1950's culture manager. RUN!!

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This is absolutely terrible.

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We are in 2009 where car brands like Audi or even Mini are creating very strong identities just as it should be. This ad is as lame as America was in 60's 70's. No style, just hard sale. I'd feel sorry for myself owning a GM car after this ad even if i was happy with it. Bad move.

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Bull F***ing Shit

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