Gilde Salami: Gilde Salami

Advertising Agency: Bates, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Anders Aasheim
Copywriter: Petter Andersen
Account: Pål Trælvik
Agency Producer: Steve St. Peter
Production Company: Motion Blur
Director: Henrik Sander
Executive Producer: Espen Horn
Production Manager: Cathrien Klem
DoP: Askild Edvardsen
Editor: Thomas Trælnes
Music: Hand Clap song


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Nude Copy
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pretty ordinary

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More meat more happineess or more meat more fat in your arteries? Needs planning 101. Not to mention that the spot may be weird, but not creative whatsoever.

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I both agree and disagree with you. As an advertiser, you are supposed to create ads, not judge the products you create those ads for. The argument you made could also be made for so many other brands, say, Diet Pepsi (is it REALLY diet?) or McDonald's (junk food is junk food; it's not nutritious). By the way, meat is rich in protein, so it's really not that bad. You can always eat lean meat.

That said, I find the link between eating meat and happiness tenuous. I eat meat and I can't say it makes me happy. Still, I kinda like this commercial only because of the song - The Clapping song by Shirley Ellis - which I find addictive.

4 stars

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more ads like this and i will never check aotw again

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Ummm... why this? Maybe it's "Norwegian funny"?

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Boys not look happy.

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is it true
more meat
mors happiness

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