A tribute to the pleasures of leisure, Neighbours

November 2010
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Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Tomás Oliva
Creative Directors: Jofre Biscarri, Carlos de Javier
Creative team: Lucas Jatobá, Emma Piquer
Producers: Mercé Fernández, Diana Asenjo
Production house: Albiñana
Director: Emil Samper

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Wonderful to talk to the creative team Lucas, thank you for replying: I think I posted my reaction too quickly, and was maybe too harsh: I had a look at the website and it did not seem about 'hidden lives' or 'secret sexy' themes, like the videos suggest. Is it a cultural 'short-cut' to get people interested when you did it that way? Or is there a second idea to get people involved?

I'm new on this site and I am trying to stop myself from coming to a conclusion too quickly about ads. Sorry if you got caught up in my learning.