Generosity Water: Dog Bowls

Throughout the beach cities in Los Angeles, free drinking water is provided to dogs outside of local businesses and along the Strand. In order to bring the global clean water crisis to life for people so accustomed to readily available water, we’ve decided to talk about their pets. The reality: our pets drink cleaner water than 1 billion people across the globe. What now?

Advertising Agency: Rapp USA
Creative Director: Nick Platt
Art Director: Maryam Mohseni
Copywriter: Matt Blint
Agency Producer: Derik Parrent
Editor: Solid LA
Dog: Rusty

November 2009


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The ad is ok, but the message isn't very compelling to me. I feel sorry for all not having clean drinking water, but to me my dog is more important than some kid I never met. Does that make me heartless?

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ivan's picture

I'm sure I'll come off an as uninformed douche, but I will still ask as it really interests me. Why do people living in bad conditions do not move to better areas. Do they lack the knowledge where to move?

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I can imagine that for many of them it's not that easy. Therefore: not only knowledge, but stimulus to change everything. I think it's a matter of traveling also; for us it's quite easy to travel even thousands of kilometers, but "per pedes" it's not so simple – to walk 800 km for example.
But I wonder if this is really 1 BILLION people?

ivan's picture

Yes, I assume I can't even imagine the situation they are in.

tirthomitro's picture
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well... nice work.
but effectivity? now, that's a different issue altogether.
and it is missing!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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emotional, i like it, it make sensitive.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Ivan, I don't think that question makes you seem like an uninformed douche, in fact, I'd say the point of the video is force people to ask themselves similar questions. The 1B people (down from 1.1 in the first part of the aughts) live primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and south east Asia where droughts exacerbate already limited and polluted water supplies. Not to mention the effect of armed conflict which over the last forty years or so has pushed giant population centers into areas where water barely sustains the resident population.


silvi's picture
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God! Whay can you say your dog is more important than thousand of children?
That´s whay everything in the world is so wrong!
I love this message. It makes me think.

satrianee's picture
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good cause, bad idea. If you dare to say some living creature is less important than the other, you'll get arguments.

Don't do it.. it was going good on the pebbled road, why did you brought the way to the poor, thirsty dog. Water was there, and running..

Just once, deliver the message before blaming me having the better chance.

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They are not blaming anyone, silvi i am with you, they are making you think that the people who live in places where even dogs, that dont need the same treated water get clean water, can help. And those people, in general dont have the knowledge or the power to move. I can't believe you actually think they'd choose to live under these conditions

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I'm sorry for the people they don't have clean wather every day but shuld I stop giving clean wather for my pats? Of course I can send some monay or use less wather every day...Sorry but this ad dosn't get to me.

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Hmm... so what's next?

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

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