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It’s very good article.

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This TVC is amazing. Something similar from the movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to th Galaxy" when the were building the Earth back.

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Gr88 TVC... Nice approach & execution too!

It kind of grows on u...

THough very creativly presented... Not too far from the Basic Strategy & most importantly almost perfect coversion of that thought process into a final product.

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I love it! Beautiful execution and great idea!


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Nice work.

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well done!! great work!!

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what? nice spot, right - but the punchline is weak! they make you hungry for burgers, then give you a salad

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nice execution... but the base of all this has been used since ages... you just need to tweak the product and characters to obtain a so common Coca-Cola ad. This could be called "a human approach" of that fantasy world. Art direction is neat.

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agree with all on art....tres chic!, but I hate the whole "here's exactly what our company is like" set-up..also hate that it's for GE.

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good concept nice ad

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alter ego
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so, what is so great about this? You guys must be deprived of decent ideas.

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That post actually makes sense to me now.

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It’s very good article.

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Aaqib Shah
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beautiful idea.....

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