Fuse TV: Balloon

Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
Art Directors: Stephen Rutterford, Clarissa Patrianova Valaeys
Writers: Guy Barnett, Mike Pierantozzi
Agency Producer: Shana Bellot
Production Company: Blacklist
Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Blacklist Producers: Rich Rama, Karen Lawler
Director: Pistachios
Creative Director: Måns Swanberg
Animation: Måns Swanberg
Illustration: Tomas Nilsson
Toolkit: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects.
Music: “Eyes” Rogue Wave
Music Supervisor: Matt Friedman (Amber Music)
Exec Producer/Head of Music Supervision: Patrick Oliver (Amber Music)
Sound Design: Carl Mandelbaum, audioEngine
Sound Design: Gloria Pitagorsky, Executive Producer, audioEngine


DaveAd's picture
16 pencils

nice message. it's so true...

djakuza's picture
517 pencils

very very lovely!!

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
692 pencils

very good, it's the kind you like from the first secs.

Prof's picture
1449 pencils

Dunno why, but i really dont like this campaign.

Could have been SOOOO much better...SOOOOO much. Great concept, bad execution (not talking about the art), imho.

Quite really.

ironcity's picture
55 pencils

100% agreed with prof.
music is a balloon? are you f___ing kidding me?

Freaksho's picture
14 pencils

'music is a balloon'.
dude...you know someone came up with that line at 2am on a weekend.
great concept still.

Guest's picture

Yo the voice of the boss is off the chain! Better yet the chizzle... Who is that guy?! I need him for some of our spots!!!

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