Fuji: Big Picture

Advertising Agency: Tugboat, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Yasumichi Oka, Taku Tada
Copywriter: Taku Tada
Director: Kosai Sekine

December 2012


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Pretty sure this was an old Looney Tunes.

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oh it definitely was.

but this is where i get confused. is it considered stealing?
i mean, i thnk it's a smart idea to take this gag used in an old cartoon and make it "realistic"

although it isnt wholly their idea, they *did* add to it something different.

gray territory i suppose. and i suppose considering the nature of this field, this is acceptable

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Most people consider it acceptable to borrow from other media and would probably call it "inspiration." If they had taken it from another commercial, it would be blatant theft. Personally, I just think it's a little lazy.

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