Friskies Wet: Adventureland / Tasty Treasures Combo

"It's actually a piggy-back spot," Portela reports. "The first 30 seconds is from a Friskies spot called "Adventureland" that we'd already done the 2D to 3D conversion for. That was featured as a 3D spot in cinemas, playing before Alice In Wonderland last year."

Advertising Agency: Avrett Free Ginsberg, USA
Art Director: David Estoye
Copywriter: Barry Flanik
Producer: Alicia Rodgers
Production Co./Design: Passion Pictures
Director: Shy The Sun
Designer: Ree Treweek
Animator: David Sigrist, Magali Barbe
Lighting TD: Stuart Hall, Guillaume Cassuto, Stephane Coedel
VFX Artist: Sajjad Amjad
CG Co-Ordinator: Aline Ngo, Helen Lord
Head of 3D: Jason Nicholas
Producer: Doireann de Buitléar/ Nina Pfeiffer
EP: Nicola Finn
VFX: Nice Shoes
VFX Artist(s): Russ Bigsby, Rich Schreck
Music: Trivers Myers
Composer: Timothy Kvasnosky
Music Producer: Marcus Smith
Audio Post: Flux Studios
Mixed by Fab Dupont / FLUXstudios.net
Art Director: Erik Denno
Creative Director / Copywriter: Mary Paula Allegaert
Executive Producer: Betsy Rosenblum
Production Co. / Design: Passion Pictures
Director: Shy the Sun
VFX: Nice Shoes
VFX Artists: Russ Bigsby, Rich Schreck, Bryan Rosenblum, Vincent Roma, John Shea


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Sushi lover
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I wonder if there are 2 commercials combine to one or it is one. Seems to me the second half is not necessary and nothing do with the first half commercial.

Dream needs to be big!

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haha agreed!

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p-o-s-t -i--n -y-o---u-t-u-b-e- f-o--r-m-a-t- p-p-p-l---e-a-s--e-e-

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Drugged the cat?

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first ad better the second one.

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Looks like one of those ads made everytime a new technology is developed, with no concept but using the refered technology. Oh, wait...
Big no for the first and not bad for the second.

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All this cute animals were killed for cat’s food…

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