Fragile Childhood: Monsters

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marko Vuorensola
Art Director: Marko Vuorensola
Copywriter: Annu Terho
Account director: Nina Myllyharju
Project planner: Muusa Salminen
Production Company: Sauna@Grilli Films
Executive Producer: Petteri Lehtinen
Director: Mikko Lehtinen
Service Production: Studio Arkadena, Ljubljana
Producer: Hana Kovic
DOP: Jure Verovsek
Production Manager: Tina Pungartnik
Production Coordinator: Urska Vardijan
1st AD: Tina Fratnik
Production Designer: Spela Kropusek
Make Up: Alenka Nahtigal
Rabbit Costume: Gregor Lorenci
Casting: Ivona Ljubicic
Gaffer: Robert Oberc
Grip: Jure Jelovcan
Location Managers: Joco Zivc, Dragan Mladenovic, Tina Vojnic
Editor: Anders Meinander
Sound Design: Anders Meinander, Timo Anttila / Humina
Music: Tuomas Kallio
Post Production: Post Control
Colorist: Marko Terävä
Published: September 2012


CrackerJackWorks's picture
14765 pencils

Creeping on excellent

NatsN's picture
164 pencils

so creepy.. with even creepier music..

Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
368 pencils

Agreed, I hope my kids won't see that kind of ad...
Excellent by the way; actors are really good.

At first I though this would be a funny ad but the bunny was my first hint (I'm kinda slow)

hepyeq's picture
3 pencils

Great job

Imagination is more important than knowledge

andylefty's picture
4539 pencils

'Holy fucking fuck'


somecopywriter's picture
1107 pencils

Freaky, but freaking awesome.

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

Excellent, poignant, terrifying.

They should air this in the UK

JeffP's picture
810 pencils

Scary bunny

chiflete comunic's picture
chiflete comunic
93 pencils

cheers for that ad!

abake's picture
1272 pencils

I'm not sure about the message... is the idea that people become violent and scary when they drink? It seems to me they're equating alcohol with abuse, which isn't necessarily true.
Still, it's a pretty powerful piece of communication.

sacrilegend's picture
2425 pencils

I don't think they were going for that at all. But kids do know when their parents are drunk -- and it's scary for them, regardless of how jovial or normal you think you're acting.

kleenex's picture
34584 pencils

Wow what an ending...

alausa's picture
1426 pencils

Powerful insight.

shadesofgrey's picture
10 pencils

Holly fuckballs.....That little kid at the end was so good, it made me sweat a little on the brow! Soopa idea.

janfagernas's picture
27 pencils

One of my absolute favourite ads of 2012. Great work!

lezy's picture
377 pencils

awsmmmm :)

bellagio255's picture
20 pencils

creepy and emotional :D

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