Ford Fiesta: Rock it Like Block

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, Dearborn, USA
Creative Director: Bradley Henson
Art Directors: Jeff Wolfe, Jamie Beckwith
Copywriter: Amy Vaughn
Producers: Carl Spressor, Ken Dumm
Account Team: Curt Jacksen, Jacqueline Salliotte, Steve Hutchison
Director: Madmedia Productions
Post: Kinetic
Published: July 2010

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So driving a Fiesta basically turns you into an ass and douche bag? Not cool

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Whats your bases of this comment because its pretty ignorant. Block is far from being an 'ass' or a 'douche bag'.

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As good as their pickles ad.

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The concept is good and the overall ambience is funny but the frame of garbage bag and the mail post shows an irresponsible attitude and this is not good; they should avoided these 2 shots and replaced them with something else

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copy mad libs
You don't have to (verb) like a (noun) to (verb) like a (noun)

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Expected for racing sponsorships. This is why Detroit and the Big 3 are dying a slow death.

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