June 2009

Film advertisment created by STW Group, Australia for Football Federation Australia, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: STW Group, St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Neil Lawrence
Senior Art Director: Adam Whitehead
Head of Broadcast: George Saada
Senior Agency Producer: Claire Davidson
Production Company: Zoom Film & Television, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Director: Mark Toia
Producer: Keri Grant
D.O.P: Mark Toia
Post Production Company: Cutting Edge Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Editer: Drew Thompson
Music: Song Zu

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but I like it, people who live in here would have a deeper feeling!

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Yeah nice work STW....a concepts that's been done about 1,000,000 times already, and 1,000,000 times better.

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hero china
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Standard execution for a standard proposition. Nicely shot.

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This is a super ad! I liked it (okay, because maybe I'm an Aussie)... I really like the CGI in the end - and how it was made... FFA does put out some nice ads like the new A-league ad.

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hahah the dude at the desk is the ACTUAL aussie prime minister.

and nyzz, thats a bit of a tenuous link. It more:

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such a prolonged TVc that was seen before, i remember the same idea other tvs "dubai tv" but i dont have the link for that, but im pretty sure that its not their fresh idea thou...

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I thought it was absolutely beautiful...perhaps because I haven't watched any others like it but beautiful, nevertheless

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This would have been okay if it was 45 sec long. It would have actually been good if it had some sort of funny punch line at the end. For example, the ball gets kicked to brazil and hundreds of people clamor for the ball...or it gets kicked to the US and none of us have any idea what to do with the thing. Otherwise its just long, boring and really, really cheesy.

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the length of the ad challenged my patience. however, the cut version can select or pick excellent frames which r available in this piece. needs a good editor.


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mind blowing

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lacks good editing skills.
as some scenes are just brilliant in comparison to others.
and the route has been taken by NIKE so much that ...

they showed me a picture & i laughed
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harry kewell is best

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Grace Bastien

Not very original... reminiscent of the "Kick it to me" campaign among others.
Not very emotive either.... we are talking sport here!
It's about winning and passion and sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears...

But at the end of the day, it did show off some pretty Australian landmarks and scenery.
The PM in the picture was a nice touch... gives the campaign some credibility.
Implies that the sport has the whole countries support.

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Shaolin Soccer?

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this is old idea

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Tourism ad.

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Yes, I agree with that.

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Why is everyone in Australia who doesn't drive a semi truck a parkour ninja?

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Hahaha! I thought the same thing! I think the truck driver was funny.

Despite several previous similar ads, it was still very well shot, and it does show credibility with the prime minister being on there. Just because it's been done doesn't mean it's bad.

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Eh. so old and long idea

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Old idea, yes. But as a football fan, I got the shivers in the end.

It's important to see creativity not as the goal of our profession, but rather as one of several means to achieve the goal. This is a very effective spot to its target, with spotless production and visually beautiful, even if it's not teeming with creativity.

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Well yes it was done before, but anyway nice commercial for a football fan. I enjoy it watching until the end because of the nice images of Australia, indeed a very beautiful country. I would like to go there and enjoy the world cup. Well done!

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Ok, there are about 2 hours of footage of balls being kicked in numerous ways in numerous commercials, so this is nothing new. However, hats off to the excellent production values.

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Yawn, I had to fast forward this one

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This is such a common ad these days. Bored.

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Well, I liked the kangaroo :-)

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too old

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but I like it, people who live in here would have a deeper feeling!