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Very funny ad yet informative.

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Alejandro Wunderlich
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Laughed my head off so much that I probably will never remember the real point behind this ad.

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is there a point??
the first thing I thought was... WTF!? and I see I wasn´t the only one...
but anyway... very funny in all the non sense, maybe it could be an openning for rocky horror picture show...

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jesus christ...they sure made it memorable...i had to watch it twice to get the message..found it to be like those "awarness tests" with the dancing bear...i had trouble focusing on the message. still i have to agree with kgeiger....

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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I understood the point and the message in the first viewing. don't know what you're talking about

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daniel ieraci
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Someone's managed to combine my childhood love of toilet humour with my professional love of advertising. Thank you FARM!

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it's clear and funny, but is this really a big problem over there?

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Guest commenter

ha ha ha ... hillarious and communicating. very brit. very nice.

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ajjajajajajajajaja i luuvv this type of commercials..

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Guest commenter

very funny though...

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so the uk has that much money to blow they're promoting a holiday leftovers campaign?
how about fixing the friggen subway.

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As a person who don't give a f$%k about any fart and shit... jokes it just pissed me of - plainly stupid. waste of time and money.


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It is a funny retro ad by the Food Standards Agency, reminding people to be careful of leftovers over the holidays.
Just because you don't get it does not mean you have to swear and show us all how angry you are.
I liked it.


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This AOtW shit is every day worst...

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Very funny ad yet informative.