Food Lion: Cheddar

Advertising Agency: Ames Scullin O’Haire, USA
Creative Director: Ben Lee
Copywriter: Ben Lee
Art Director: Ryan Mikesell
Agency Producer: Sandy Tyler
Editorial Company: Jam Edit, Atlanta, CA
Editor: Eddie Kesler
Post Production Company: CO3, Los Angeles
Colorist: Shane Harris
Audio Post Company: Acoustech, Atlanta, GA
Production Company: Backyard Productions, Venice, CA
Director: Done Rase
DP: Kevin Emmons
Producer: Sharon Groh
Exec. Producer: Peter Steinzeig
Where shot: Ahmanson Ranch/Griffith Park/Angeles Crest, Los Angeles, CA
Airdate: June 2009

June 2009


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Once again we see an example of advertising agencies lame attempt at achieving diversity through casting while ignoring the need to hire, consult or integrate African American professional participation. I think ASO did an ok job, by 'ok' I mean the spot is only mildly offensive. There are subtle cues missing that render these spots ineffective with the African American audience. Nice try... hire consultants in the future and you can really deliver meaningful advertising for your client and the subcategory referenced in this spot.

Support diversity in advertising.

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Very interesting. So what specifically is wrong? Or what's missing? Really curious.

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i really think you should stop with that nonsensical way of thinking. positive discrimination is evolving. give it some time. radical thought and negative attitudes like that get you nowhere. and how on earth are consultants gonna help to achieve your goal? didnt this ad just support diversity? how is this offensive? where did your sense of logic go?
just because you see blacks in an ad, it doesnt mean anything. it just means YOU pay way too much attention to it and that you have a problem with it, not anybody else...

my guess is that one of your cavities is waaaay too tight, and im not talking about your sqinting...

Quite really.

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At first I thought these were teasing videos for a new season of Lost... or deleted scenes. :)

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As soon as I saw this advert, I knew that someone would pull the race card. I... well, I personally don't think it's racist, though I can see what our first guest is getting at. I mean essentially, you're showing an African American family running through the jungle hunting for their food. I'd expect this advert to receive complaints.

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