Fitosonno: Tennis instructor

Advertising Agency: JWT Milan, Italy
Art directors: Flavio Mainoli, Cristiana Boccassini
Copywriters: Paolo Cesano, Bruno Bertelli
Director: Veronica Mengoli
DOP: Max Gatti
Producer: Alain Sanyas
Production Company: Diaviva


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Your tennis coach is a problem? Maybe im too young for this advert

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Yes, if he's sleeping with your wife. ;)

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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i think his wife has a crush on her tenniscoach. but he is sleeping well anyway.

if this is supposed to be symbolic it's not very clever executed. it's so literal you might understand it literally: his wife has an affair right next to him - which makes him a total wimp.

also not a good punchline. "you can't eliminate your problems"? why not?

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The husband has a problem with his wife having an affair with the tennis coach. Alternatively, it could be interpreted as the wife having a problem and the problem is cheating on her husband with the tennis guy. I agree thought that it's confusing.

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different, but still sucks...

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I like it and the confusion makes it even more intriguing in this case. There are many ways of reading it, but all of them suit the product, so it's OK for me.

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MarioLuigi Bros
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different approach! nice

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I would have liked it better if the husband had an affair with a female tennis instructor and his wife needed sleep.

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good one.

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